Company Overview
In addition to routers, switches, wireless, and VoIP, servers have unified the new frontier of the modern network. Existing server farms are resource and management heavy, time-consuming, and quickly becoming obsolete. New age standards include server blades designed for vitualization that can deliver the magnitude of power needed to support network infrastructures that formerly required entire data centers, thousands of cables, many engineers, and high electricity consumption. These unified computing re-designs have spawned a new generation of techniques and management styles that certainly change the way modern networks are designed, engineered, implemented, and administrated.
The founders of EyeKnowIT recognized this ‘must-happen’ shift in the IT networking landscape shortly after the turn of the millennium and developed this company to exactly identify and contribute to the adequate development of training transitions that are ultimately required for every IT manager, engineer, administrator, and company that expects to not get left behind in today and tomorrow’s emerging inevitable network evolution.
EyeKnowIT Corporation is a trusted global training and consulting company focusing on virtualization, live online training, and consulting services for deployment of products that promote green initiatives. We are a veteran owned business headquartered in the New Orleans Region with cloud offices located throughout the Americas. The company operates almost 100% virtually by allowing their employees to work from cloud offices to reduce the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Strategic Partners
EyeKnowIT maintains partnerships with leading companies in their respective industries allowing us to deliver the highest quality products and services available. Here are a few of our more strategic partners online and projected:
• Cisco
• Avnet
• Ingram Micro
• Tech Data
• CoreBTS
• Logical Operations
• Global Knowledge
• Skyline-ATS
• Salesforce
• VMware
• Microsoft
• Sunset Learning
• Regus
• Intelligent Office
• Carahsoft
• ExitCertified
• ITT-Tech

Why Choose EyeKnowIT?
• Customer Focused Company.
At EyeKnowIT, the customer is always top of mind. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality customer service in the industry.
• Competitive High Quality Services.
Our training and consulting services are delivered by the top industry experts from around the globe.
• Technology for Tomorrow.
We use the latest collaborative technology available today to communicate with our customers and deliver services such as our live online training.
• Green Is Better
At the heart of our company is a true focus on operating, and delivering services for the green generation.
• Embrace cloud computing technology and network architecture with the best.